Guideman is a Destination Management Company born in 2010 with the goal of providing innovative logistical and ground operation solutions to online tour operators, distributors and the travelers who book with them.

When Guideman st​e​pped onto the stage, the boom on online tour operators was in full swing and offered enormous potential and opportunity to explore new ideas and solutions. With several years of firsthand experience working in the field and addressing the unique challenges faced by online tour operators when providing their tours and services on location, Guideman has emerged as a market leader in outsourced ground operations for the travel industry in Europe. Over time, Guideman has expanded its services to become a full-fledged Destination Management company serving top cities in Italy and France.

Guideman is proud to be a strategic partner of some of the top protagonists of the online travel space. Over the years, the company has evolved from a service supplier to an integral element of the companies with which we collaborate. Not only do we assist with day-to-day operations, but ​ we​ are also able to ​participate in planning, implementation and training for future projects such as the launch of new destinations.

Guideman is a company that has never stopped evolving alongside our partners. We are constantly searching for new and better solutions to address the ​ir​ changing ongoing needs​, which has led to the natural expan ​sion of ​​our​ services. Today, Guideman is proud to count Voice Audio Systems (provider of headsets and microphone systems for group tours and conventions) among its portfolio of services aimed at consolidating and simplifying ground ​operations ​ – reducing the need to contract out services to countless ​providers and intermediaries. The result is a significant economical and logistical advantage for the tour operators that work with us.

Guideman is also proud to be a part of EcoArt, a Rome-based tour operator offering new and extraordinary ways to explore Italy. EcoArt caters to a group of travelers looking for ​something​different to make their trip to Italy unique. All of EcoArt’s tours and services are created with the environment in mind, from the use of electric Segways to day trips promoting an appreciation of Italy’s incredible natural patrimony.

The future of the online travel space holds the promise of exciting opportunities and challenges. The team at Guideman is excited about providing the solutions to face them as we continue to expand and fortify our role as the market leader.