About us

When Guideman Group stepped onto the stage, the boom of the online travel market was in full swing and offered enormous potential and opportunity to explore new ideas and solutions.

Guideman Group is a market leader in consulting and outsourced operations for the travel industry in Europe, with many years of first-hand experience working and addressing the challenges faced by online tour operators when providing their tours and services on location.

Guideman is a strategic partner of the protagonists in the online travel sector. The companies, not only assist with day-to-day operations, but also actively participate in planning, implementation, and training for future projects such as the launch of new destinations, tours, and activities. Guideman Group is a b2b model and an innovative way to outsource operations, maintaining higher margins.

Individual clients search online and book tours and activities through platforms, also called OTAs, like who sell products from several tour operators/suppliers.

The tour operators need to set up the operations to create the products, including ticketing, hiring staff, training, and select and negotiate contracts with all suppliers, or they can go through Guideman Group, who as a local expert, already has the system in place and takes care of all the contracts for them. Guideman Group in return earns a fee per client or contract.

Company Profile

Guideman Group is a multinational network of companies founded in 2010 in Rome and specializing in the online tourism sector. Guideman Group started as a Destination Management Company to provide innovative logistical and ground operation solutions to online tour operators and online travel agents (OTAs).

During the years, Guideman Group has grown at an average of 30% a year; it went from a small three square meter office in an old warehouse in Rome to a leading and innovative company with operations expanding from Rome to Florence, Milan, Naples and Europe.

The success was due to the incredible growth within the sector and the perfect recipe for the clients. Above all the company focused on the quality of service and was able to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing skip the line entry, selected and trained guides with excellent language skills, and by creating a new role within the industry called the "tour coordinator", who managed operations on the ground with specific training and procedures created by Guideman Group.

However, the most important aspect was the acquisitions and partnerships with strategic suppliers to create a network base of companies that were able to provide all the services under one umbrella at lower costs.

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Via Luigi Settembrini, 30 - 00195, Rome

Email: info@guidemangroup.com